Academic ActivitiesAcademic Activities

Academic Activities

 Our Academic Torch Bearers in PTU Merit 2014

  • Ms. Sanya Verma  1st Position in B.Tech.
  • Ms. Anu Shree 2nd Position in B.Tech.
  • Mr. Nikhil Mittal  4th  Position in B.Tech.
  • Ms. Ridhi Gohil  6th  Position in B.Tech .
  • Ms. Harsimran Kaur  1st Position in M.Tech.
  • Mr. Sadhana Sharma  2nd  Position in M.Tech.
  • Ms. Navneet Kaur  3rd  Position in M.Tech.
  • Ms. Priyanka Sharma 4th  Position in M.Tech.
  • Ms. Shivani Sharma  5th  Position in M.Tech.
  • Ms. Gurpreet Singh  6th  Position in M.Tech.
  • Ms. Salony Sharma  7th  Position in M.Tech.
  • Ms. Simranjeet Kaur  8th  Position in M.Tech.
  • Ms. Simerjeet Kaur  9th  Position in M.Tech.
  • Ms. Pallavi Sharma  10th  Position in M.Tech.

The students of SUS Group Tangori did the college proud by showing stupendous academic performance in November – 2013 university examination and securing 20 merit positions in different disciplines of engineering.


Ms. Priyanka Sharma
1st Position - 3rd Semester
B.Tech Biotechnology
Ms. Arshdeep Dhindsa
2nd Position -3rd Semester
B.Tech Biotechnology
Ms. Sanya Verma
1st Position – 7th  Semester
B.Tech Biotechnology

Ms. Anu Shree
2nd Position – 7th Semester
BTech Biotechnology