What is the purpose of the Club?
To provide the community, resources, and opportunities that will allow you to successfully achieve your goals as an Innovator.

How do I join the club?
Fill the registration form and get your club registration number.

Is there a membership fee?
There is no registration fee for the students of SUSGOI. However, certain special events, activities, visitsmay requireadditional participation fee.

How do I become involved with the leadership of the club?
All members are welcome to attend our leadership meetings directly after the all-member general meetings. The dates and times for these will be sent out with the regular club communications.

Is this club a registered society?
Yes this club willbe registered under the Societies’ Registration Act.

Can anyone from industry or other college become a member of this club?
Yes, anybody from industry and any other college can become a member of this club.

Can students from other college be allowed to do research work for their thesis?
Yes, anyone from other colleges can work with this club for their thesis research work.

How can anybody finance his/her project?
The funding from and other Government and Non-government agencies shall be facilitated.