From the Desk of Director

From the Desk of Director

There has been a phenomenal growth of Technical Education facilities in India during last two decades. This has met the aspirations of students and parents alike. The need of employers has also been addressed in terms of quantity of graduates being produced.

Feedback from employers indicates that there is huge scope for the improvement of quality of technical education being offered. Critical quality indicators are customer satisfaction in the institution and their gainful employment, and the satisfaction of the employers.

There is cut throat competition in improvement of quality by the institutions. There is competition between Govt and private institutions to remain relevant.

SUS Group of Institutions after consolidating their infrastructural requirement, are placing maximum stress on improving the quality of all its education and training activities. The placement requirements as expressed by the leading employers have also been studied and additional inputs are being provided to the students.This way, curriculum implementation is being done for preparing the students for doing well in the university examinations as also for gainful employment.

SUS Group of Institutions will continue to satisfy the need of students vis-a-vis the employers.


Dr. D.S. Hira

SUS College of Engg. & Technology

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