From the Desk of General Secretary

From the Desk of General Secretary

Professionals today are empowered individuals. They are quick in decision making and sound in problem solving. They have critical and analytical skills and an inter- disciplinary knowledge, which makes them adept at working under varying circumstances in different parts of the globe. They are highly aware and act responsibly for promotion of ethical and sustainable business and trade practices. They display concern for the world in large, its environment, people, cultures and practices.

As a result, focus of SUSGOI experience is not just accumulation of intellectual wealth, academic ability and instillation of competitive spirit. It is also development of sound individual personalities, who can seamlessly interweave personal achievement with organizational glory, personal ambition with social deliverance, and material progress with spiritual value system enhancement. We have been led by the adage of creating superior professionals and better human beings. Our ever increasing body of alumni is, therefore, achievers par excellence and responsible citizens. They are guide-posts not only in their respective organizations but also to the budding professionals back home at the campus. We can proudly say that we have successfully created a dynamic eco- system where technical education is disseminated with a humanistic touch.

Any great achievement is not made in a day. Behind this unique education knowledge praxis has been an evolutionary journey of more than a decade and a half. The management has led by example. The faculty has shown rare inspiration in putting hard work. Students have learnt to be exemplars of performance through regular practice. I assure you that as a future member of the SUS family you shall be exposed to best atmosphere for personal and professional growth. Besides imbibing the assets for topmost achievement in career you shall also emerge as a fine human being.

S. Gurlabh Singh Sidhu

General Secretary