From the  Desk of Chairman

From the Desk of Chairman

Well into the second decade of the new millennium, we have fast forwarded into the paradigm of global citizenship. Social and political barriers no longer confine the competence and creativity.Professionals live in a global village, work in a global environment, and manage global workforces. Consequently global perspective in studentship is of essence. Students need to cultivate professional caliber that compare with the best, foster cultural sensitivity and develop an overarching thought process that combines learning with responsibilit for  sustainable  world.

Shaheed Udham Singh Group of Institutions, as a centre of excellence has dynamically attuned itself to the needs of the fast changing world. The faculty has played a spectacular role of agents in providing transformational education experience. The students rather than being passive learners have adapted themselves as active learners. Critical engagement and collaborative learning have been the highlights of the professional education here. The results of this rigorously carved out academic atmosphere are not far to see. The SUS Group of Institutions stands tall thanks to more than 5000 alumni employed across the world in hundreds in top notch companies. Quite a few of them have earned distinction in the public sector and the armed forces as well.

I look forward to welcome you in the SUS family and expect that SUS flag shall flag ever more glorious with your achievements and proficiencies. As you pursue your dream with us, I wish you success and God's bountiful blessings.

"Whereve you go, no matter  what  the weather  is,you will always carry your own sunshine".  

Er.Sukhwinder Singh Sidhu