Innovative Club

Innovative Club

“Innovation, Incubation and Research Club”

To provide students a platform for transforming their dream ideas into reality

Purpose of the Club

We at SUSGOI, Tangori have our own “Innovation and Research Club”and its main purpose is to create the spark of innovation in the students’ mind so that he or she can see the existing problems that need to be solved. We also propagate the value of entrepreneurship. We encourage students to come up with ideas which have commercial value and connect them to experts for mentoring. Project making, poster presentation, quiz competition, inspirational lectures and fun events are part of our yearly event schedule. We aim to continuously review our mission on searching creativity, creating awareness, tapping potential for entrepreneurial development among the student population. Innovation Club will invite thinkers, researchers, entrepreneurs from varied fields to contribute methods and designs for problem solving and success scenarios which may benefit any stakeholder of the club.


•    Create an interdisciplinary community of students andfacilitate understanding of all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.
•    Foster the networking between students from various fields.
•    Contribute to a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the society.


Providing a platform for students to:
•    Understand the basic concepts around innovation.
•    Build interdisciplinary networks and teams.
•    Interact with people from innovative companies and the entrepreneurial eco-system at large.
•    Exchange ideas.
•    Incubate a new business venture by technical infrastructural support and troubleshooting.
•    Assist in preparation of Feasibility Report and approval of loans from government/ non-government agencies.
•    Collaborate with Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.
•    Appreciate Intellectual Property and Protection.
•    Minimize Carbon Footprints

Why to join the Innovation Club?

While reading this you may be asking yourself: why should I bother about all this? Don’t I already have too much on my plate, with my classes, exams, sports activities and the weekend side job? But, didn’t you read lately about these other success factors (besides your professional skills) that are decisive to get to the best and most interesting jobs? And this is, what you really want, isn’t it?
    1.Professional network: Through the innovation club you can start building your professional network that goes beyond your family, friends and fellow students.
    2.Inter-disciplinary competences: At the club you can meet people from different departments, with different background and skills that are eager to learn working as teams.
    3.Soft skills: The innovation club is the place, where you can practice your soft skills in a fun and inspiring environment.
    4.Industry Patronage

What we can do together...

-Regular monthly meetings
-Developing innovative projects
-Innovation related global news
-Innovation showcase
-Demonstration of innovation process, methodologies, case studies
-Experience sharing and innovation workshops
-Information on innovation events
-Research activities
-Events & workshops
-Discussion forums
-Industrial Visits

Constitution Club

-Chairman, SUSGOI
-Vice chairman, SUSGOI
-General Secretary, SUSGOI


To join this club please fill this Registration Form and send it to